Welcome to our wholesale group! We started as an online boutique just monogramming! In just 3 short years we have gone from just doing vinyl, to now embroidery and laser engraving.

We decided to start a wholesale group to offer our products to you! At first we will focus primarily on laser engraving but we will be throwing in other items every now and then! 🙂

Just a few things you need to know!

*when placing an order, you MUST order 5 of each item you’re purchasing. This group is for business owners only and we’d like to keep it that way!

*we try to keep our turn around times within 2-3 weeks MAX! During our holidays, times may slow down a bit but we will let you know!

*you can order from us anytime you’d like! There are no closing dates unless we post!

*please email crescentcreations17@gmail.com to gain access!